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the New New Hampshire Avenue

Regency Furniture

8003 New Hampshire Ave
Langley Park, MD 20783
Telephone: 301-445-8030

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CATEGORY: Home Furnishings

Regency Furniture is a premiere furniture retail brand that has served the Washington metropolitan area for nearly two decades. Originally founded and established as a family-owned business in 1999; we have experienced continual growth and expansion because of our amazing customers, and outstanding products and services. 

As we grow, we strive to retain the most earnest aspects of our business, which includes providing all customers the kind of personalized and unique experience they would have at small businesses while at the same time having an abundance of different selections and items they can choose from.

The hallmark of what makes Regency Furniture so unique and competitive in its offerings is our large distribution centers that house and supply furniture to all seven (7) of our showrooms throughout the region. This ensures that purchased merchandise is delivered to our customers in a timely fashion, on a near-daily basis, for all seven of our locations. 

Keeping in line with our philosophy of customer satisfaction, each location is staffed with an abundance of trained experts who can assist customers with any questions they may have about our products, offer guidance for best styling choices and make sure that each customer’s individual needs and preferences are met. Similarly, each of our showrooms offer the latest in furniture styles and trends. Our goal, since our beginnings, has always been the same: customer satisfaction through nearly unlimited furniture selection.


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