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the New New Hampshire Avenue

Langley Park Plaza, Inc.

8001 New Hampshire Ave
Hyattsville, MD 20787
Telephone: 301-445-1171

CATEGORY: Real Estate and Property Mgmt

Langley Park Plaza is the largest single shopping center at the intersection of Takoma Langley Crossroads.  Including spaces for big box retail, an indoor mall and a large grocery store, it offers the most diverse shopping experience for area and regional residents.  The indoor mall features a fountain, while a diverse mix of businesses and a family atmosphere is maintained in order to draw new shoppers to the center while keeping loyal shoppers coming back.  Major tenants include McDonalds, Atlantic Supermarket and CVS Pharmacy.  Address range is 7901-8011 New Hampshire Avenue.

The McCormick family still owns the property, which was formerly part of a large McCormick estate with a mansion and extensive gardens during the 1920s.  


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