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the New New Hampshire Avenue

Development Incentives

Properties along the New Ave are eligible for a variety of programs and incentives, including enterprise zones, flexible zoning, business incentives, financing, grants, and affordable housing tax credits.

Enterprise Zones

For qualified redevelopment activity, areas along the corridor in Takoma Park and Prince George's County provide a 10-year Real Property Tax Credit for increases to real property assessment resulting from new construction or improvement.  This includes an 80% tax credit in the first 5 years and 70% to 30% tax credit in the next 5 years.

Takoma Park

Businesses and owners of commercial property in the Long Branch / Takoma Park Enterprise Zone area may be eligible for employment and property tax credits as well as other waivers or exemptions if they meet the requirements for eligibility either by expanding employees or improving their property. The Enterprise Zone, redesignated in 2013, includes commercial properties along New Hampshire Avenue, University Boulevard, Holton Lane, and Sligo Mill Road within the City of Takoma Park (map).  This program is administered by Pete McGinnity, 240-777-8126 and additional redevelopment benefits include:

Exemptions from the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission (WSSC) Systems Development Charge

Full or partial exemptions from the WSSC Systems Development Charge (SDC) are available in the Enterprise Zone. Up to $50,000 per project; annual maximum countywide is $500,000.  A project can be a new building, remodeling of an existing building or remodeling of a portion of an existing building. 

If a plumbing permit is required for the project, an SDC Exemption Application should be requested from the Department of Permitting Services (DPS) at 240-777-0311.

Montgomery County Impact Tax Exemption

Montgomery County Development Impact Taxes, which consist of two seperate impact taxes on new construction to fund schools and transportation improvements, do not apply in the Enterprise Zone.

Montgomery County Building/U&O Permit Green Tape Program

Department of Permitting Services (DPS) offers a “Green Tape” permitting and inspection program to expedite the land-use and building-permit reviews for prospective Enterprise Zone developments and businesses. Program covers new construction, additions, structural alterations, or changes in use.

For information about the Green Tape Program, contact Department of Permitting Services at 240-777-0311.

Prince George's County

The International Corridor/ Gateway Arts District Enterprise Zone in Prince George's County includes commercial properties in Langley Park along Unversity Boulevard and along  the west side of New Hampshire Avenue south of East-West Highway to Eastern Avenue.  See map here

International Corridor Enterprise Zone Benefits

  • State Income Tax Credits
  • Local Real Property Tax Credits
  • Accelerated County Permitting Process


More information, fact sheets and applications are available from the Enterprise Zone Administrator at the Prince George’s County Economic Development Corporation.

website  contact  301-583-4650


Zoning Flexibility

Commercial Revitalization Overlay Zone

The Takoma Park/East Spring Commercial Revitalization Overlay Zone (CROZ) provides more flexibility than traditional commercial zones.  Overlaying properties in Takoma Park, the CROZ gives the Montgomery County Planning Board the ability to waive or reduce Montgomery County parking and setback requirements during the site plan process.  In addition, the Planning board may allow commercial buildings to be built up to 42 feet in height, while mixed-use buildings that include residential may be 50 feet in height.  Additional uses compatible with a town center have been added to the underlying zones.

Montgomery County has approved a zoning rewrite. For information on the zones that will go into effect on November 1, 2014, please visit the new zoning site.

For current (through October 30, 2014) zoning, go to, libraries, Maryland, Montgomery County to view the Takoma Park/East Silver Spring Commercial Revitalization Overlay Zone.  Scroll down to Section 59 - C - 18.21 of the Zoning Code for Montgomery County.

Mixed-Use Zone 

Prince George's County has been updating its zoning code to create a new zone for mixed use development that can be applied through master plans, sector plans, and within corridors and nodes. 

It is expected that this zone will be applied in the Takoma Langley Crossroads Area.

View the proposed zone here.

Commercial/Residential Zones

It is expected that a new mixed use zone will be applied in the Takoma Langley Crossroads in the vicinity of the Purple Line. For information about this and all other zones, please click here.

Business Incentives

See also starting or enhancing your business.

Financing and Grants

Through various State, County, and local programs, financing and grants may be available for projects that revitalize the area and further local redevelopment goals.  Contact the Takoma Park Housing and Community Development Department for additional information.

Affordable Housing Incentives

The New Ave is an affordable housing Federal tax credit eligible area.  There are also grants and financing available from the Montgomery County Department of Housing and Community Development.  

The Takoma Park Housing and Community Development Department has granted Payment In Lieu of Taxes (PILOT) to projects that preserve or expand affordable housing options.