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the New New Hampshire Avenue


"No impact fees - that is a huge cost savings in Montgomery County during development in the Enterprise Zone."

-- Dan Robinson, local developer



Ready to invest in a quality, mixed-use, pedestrian oriented project? You'll have Takoma Park's full support.  Follow the links below or contact the City's Planning Division with questions at 301-891-7119.

Planning Vision

Discover what types of development the neighborhoods, businesses, and City and County agencies would support.  Understand how the corridor may look in the future, and see past and current projects and initiatives.

Development Incentives

Find out what tax credits, waivers, and exemptions your project may be eligible for.  As a close-in area inside the beltway, the number and breadth of breaks may surprise you!

Find a Property

Use the City's database to start you on your path to research properties within the corridor.  Search by size, zone, jurisdiction, and commercial district.  This database will provide information on all properties; note any given property may or may not be on the market.