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the New New Hampshire Avenue

Murals on the New Ave

All along the New Hampshire Avenue Corridor, bright colors and themes are springing up on blank walls and forgotten corners.  If you've wondered where they come from, read on!

mural at 1019 University Blv of children playing soccer and studying

"Langley Park Murals"

by Brittany Sims and Maria, 2008

1011, 1017, and 1019 University Blvd. E, Takoma Park (top to bottom)

Commissioned by building owners.


"El Orgullo de Nuestra Herencia"

by  Pepe Villegas

1355 University Boulevard, Takoma Park

Commissioned by Verizon for Hispanic Heritage Month, dedicated October 16, 2010

Artist statement:  My inspiration is motivated by a common folkloric character that all Latino and Hispanic American share in their culture fabric, the rooster.  It is a symbol of awakening to that common thread that embodies the pride, the energy and flamboyance of our spirited heritage.

The figurative idea of this imagery was animated by the song "Yo soy el gallo" ("I am the rooster") by Puerto Rican singer José Miguel Class, el gallito de Manatí. This song pays tribute to the idiosyncratic singing (crowing) of the rooster, in particular the line that enlivens the mural portrayal which proclaims; "yo soy el gusta cantarle al viento y cantarle a la mañana" ( I am the rooster...I like to sing to the wind and sing to the dawn).



Redline Mural by Juan Pineda


by Juan Pineda

6600 New Hampshire Ave, Takoma Park

Commissioned by Redline Motorsports, 2010

Not only does this mural relate to the City and New Ave logo, but yes, the passenger is wearing pink boots!





"La Frontera"

by unknown artist

6303 Eastern Ave, Hyattsville

Commissioned by La Frontera Market & Deli

This idyllic full wall mural features dramatic mountains and a waterfall overlooking a lake.