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the New New Hampshire Avenue


A Day in the Life of a Community Garden:

I’m pleased to report that with about 16 volunteers (14 adults) working over a 6 hour period with 2 pick axes, a pry bar, 2 Roto-tillers and a heck of a lot of top grade compost, we’ve created a large oval bed for our Hummingbird and Butterfly garden and made a good start on ripping up sod and preparing soil for the bus stop garden.  A highlight for the children was the large black tree snake, and for the adults, the big bowl of juicy watermelon, as we were doing a lot of the heavy lifting in the middle of the day!  A deer bounded away from our area as we are working. We chose to see it as a positive omen – that it was leaving our area and so our hard work wouldn’t become an expensive lunch for the deer soon after we complete it…


-- May 2009


New Hampshire Avenue Community Gardens

From 2009 - 2013, the City of Takoma offered grants for beautifying and greening the New Hampshire Avenue Corridor. Grants funded long term improvements ranging from just a small tree to a full green space renovation.

What's Growing on the New Ave?

Click on the placemarks for more information; green are existing garden locations and blue are locations of potential future gardens.


Grants Awarded

The New Ave Community Garden Grant encouraged the community to become involved in and to take pride and ownership of public and quasi-public areas along the corridor. Grant monies have supported landscaping and materials for starting a garden such as soil, mulch, trees, shrubs, flowers, planters, and fencing.

To date the City has provided grants for the following projects on public and private land: 


 Hillwood Manor Neighborhood Community Garden