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Lolubyte IT Consultants, Inc.

6495 New Hampshire Ave
Hyattsville, MD 20783
Telephone: 301.892.3211

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CATEGORY: Business Services

Lolubyte IT Consultants Inc. is an information technology and a business consulting entity.  Lolubyte IT Consultants is staffed by a team of young and talented engineers who worked together, sharing the same vision and possessing wide ranging experiences having worked in public and government entities including the White House and the United State Congress.

As a goal without plans remains just a goal, our aim at Lolubyte is not just to provide reliable quality services that will satisfy your technological and business needs, we will  also provide you  and your organization with  plans to make your visions, intentions, ideas, and dreams come alive. With over 15 years of IT experience behind our team  servicing clients originating from all over the world and  priding  ourselves in providing professional standardize services across different parts of the IT spectrum, we look forward to satisfying your needs while staying true to our motto  that you should  "Imagine It Done!”

Lolubyte has been helping numerous clients globally overcome virtualization, telecommunication, cyber security and software development challenges for years. We are skilled at what we do and always open to new opportunities.


  • Optimizing the existing information systems processes for your business.
  • Help with migration of your business application processes and logistics to a new IT/Web enterprise virtual server system.
  • Integrating your current environment with the right Identity and Access Management solution.
  • Develop and optimize Enterprises Mail and Backup Solution.
  • Network Interconnection and wireless networks integration.
  • Setup Enterprise Directory Server Infrastructure.
  • Engineer a relative cheap and affordable backup solution.
  • System Automation using Programing and Configuration Management technology
  • Free expert advice and consultation to help reduce your infrastructure IT cost
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