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Urban Design Guidelines

The Takoma/Langley Crossroads urban design guidelines will guide future development in the Takoma/Langley Crossroads.  Learn more about drafting the Urban Design Guidelines and how you can participate.


Takoma/Langley Crossroads Sector Plan Adoption

The Montgomery County Council unanimously approved the Sector Plan on April 24, 2012; view the adopted Resolution. There are several related documents that will also control land use and development.

zoning recommended in the plan

When the Takoma/Langley Crossroads Sector Plan was discussed by the Montgomery County Planning Board, a zone was recommended in the plan (see page 23) which had been proposed to allow mixed-use development.

A new version of the CR Zones has been adopted by the Montgomery County Council.  The Planning Board has recommended that the Sector Plan zoning recommendation be changed to the CRT (Commercial/Residential Town), the CR Zoning designation developed for areas with less market demand.

urban design guidelines

TheTakoma/Langley Crossroads Sector Plan Urban Design Guidelines, a document for which there is not yet a Planning Board draft, will apply to all projects that undergo site plan on any properties zoned to the CR Zones.  In the current draft of the CR Zones Text Amendment, site plan may be required for larger projects.  For example, projects over 10,000 square feet (except an addition to a very very large property which may be 10% of a the existing square footage - in the Crossroads that works out to about 24,000 square feet on one large property), projects taller than 40 feet in height, and projects that contain at least 10 or more dwelling units all would be required to undergo site plan.  These guidelines would need to be addressed by these projects.  Urban Design Guidelines will be adopted by the Planning Board.

past meetings 2012

April 24 • Montgomery County Council unanimously approved the Takoma/Langley Crossroads Sector Plan. 

March 27 • Montgomery County Council Worksession - Council unanimously approved, by straw vote, the adoption of the Takoma Langley Crossroads Sector Plan. The formal vote is expected in late April, which will incorporate by Resolution all of the revisions that have been endorsed by the City Council and the community during the development of the plan.

January 26 • Planning Board Worksession on the Urban Design Guidelines - Planning Board recommends preliminary approval and transmittal to the County Council.

past meetings 2011

The list of 2011 meetings with links to documents can be accessed here.

read this

Montgomery County Planning Board draft submitted May 10, 2010 to the Council:  Takoma/Langley Crossroads Sector Plan and Appendices

View the November 2010 comments from the County Executive.

City of Takoma Park Resolution Recommending Approval of the Sector Plan (adopted)

City of Takoma Park Resolution Recommending the Montgomery County Council Not Approve the Sector Plan without additional language (adopted)

Montgomery County Planning Department Staff issued memo to Montgomery County Council agreeing with City of Takoma Park resolution outlining the incorporation of additional language regarding urban design in the Takoma/Langley Crossroads Sector Plan.